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Sabari is produced by Mahendra Nath Gondla and written and directed by Anil Katz

It stars Varalakshmi Sarathkumar as Sanjana, Maim Gopi as Surya, Ganesh Venkadraman as Aravind, Shashank as Rahul, Baby Niveksha as Riya, ACP Ramesh – Madhunandan.

Losing her mother at a young age, Sanjana (Varalakshmi Sarathkumar) drops out of college in depression and falls in love with Arvind (Ganesh Venkatraman) and gets married. The father is unwilling and leaves Siddhi behind. A baby girl Riya (Baby Niveksha) is born to them. As the years go by, Sanjana takes her daughter Rhea and travels to Visakhapatnam to look for a job due to a girl friend she gets close to at Ganesh Venkatraman’s workplace. Sanjana gets a job with the help of her lawyer friend Rahul (Sashank). At the same time, Surya, who escapes from the mental asylum, seeks out the baby Riya and tries to kidnap her. Sanjana fights to save her child Riya. After that, Sanjana discovers a startling truth about her child. In the end, why does Surya want to kidnap Riya? What is Surya’s purpose? Did Sanjana get baby Riya safely? What is the real reason baby Rhea is hidden? Is Sanjana Riya’s life back to normal? That is the climax of the film.

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar as the mother Sanjana has done a good job showing the motherly affection she doesn’t get for her daughter, bravely coming out against her husband’s infidelity, and then fighting to save her daughter as a single mother, risking her life to escape from Mime Gopi, knowing the true condition of her daughter and living without separation.
Mime Gopi as Surya, Ganesh Venkataraman as Aravind, Sashank as Rahul, Baby Niveksha as Riya, Madhunandan as ACP Ramesh are some of the characters that stand out.

Music and background score by Gopi Sundar and cinematography by Rahul Srivastav are noteworthy. Editor Dharmendra Kakarala may have edited some scenes.
Anil Katz has stumbled in trying to provide a satisfying experience by combining the pure love of a mother with the power to overcome and save whatever problems come her way with psychological storylines. Could have avoided dips in some scenes.
All in all, Mahendra Nath Gondla’s Sabari Mother Daughter Love is a psychological thriller that lacks indissoluble affection.

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