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Inga Naan Thaan Kingu

Comedians spread the carpet of heroes and many disappeared. But he has been very successful in it and continues to give us many films as a hero. The main reason for his success is that he realizes what his story search will bring him and pursues it very well.
Inga Naan Than Kingu In this film, Santhanam, Priyalaya, Thambi Ramaiah, Balasaravanan, Vivek Prasanna, Saminathan Maran, Sesu and others in the lead role, Imman’s music, Om Narayanan’s cinematography, Gopuram Pictures’ Anbu Cheliyan, Anand Narayanan’s production, Inga Nan Than Kingu is out now. The hero Santhanam, who lives alone without any parents, takes a loan and buys a house with the desire to marry her. There is a debt of twenty five lakhs on this house so he tries to marry a rich woman. Priyalaya marries him, but her father, Tambi Ramaiah, has borrowed around the town to arrange marriage for his girl.

In this situation, he makes both his father-in-law and son-in-law stay with him even though it becomes clear that they have cheated him. But because of these people, he always has a problem. In this situation, his friend Vivek Prasanna, who had given him a loan, has a problem with his brother Ramaiah and Bala Saravanan. Whether he gave this loan or not what he did is the rest of the story.
Santhanam continues to prove that he is a king in Tamil cinema with the film Inga Nanga Thaan Kingu. He makes us laugh throughout the film. Especially Manobala who comes as the broker again shakes up the theater by giving a tasteful comedy and Tambi ramayya Balasaravanan makes us enjoy every scene with these two.

Priyalaya, who is the heroine, has done her part very well without any come and go. Especially in the climax scenes, she makes us enjoy.
Thambi Ramaiah and Machan Bala Saravanan are the biggest strengths of the film. The strength of this comedy film is the strength of the alliance, especially the climax scene makes us laugh and the contribution of Vivek Prasanna Saminathan Maran Sesu is very important in the film.

The main strength of the film is the director Anand Narayanan’s story and especially his screenplay is the greatest strength of the film. Especially the wedding scene setting and the climax scene move us.

All in all Inga Naan Thaan Kingu is definitely the king of comedy

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