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The film ‘Kanni’ is being produced by M. Selvaraj under Sun Life Creations and directed by Mayon Siva Thorappadi.

The film stars Ashwini Chandrasekhar, Manimaran, Tara Girish, Ram Bharathan and others. Cinematography by Rajkumar,
Music by Sebastian Satish,
Cinematography by Sam, Lyrics by Umadevi, Art by Sakthivel Mohan, Fight Training by Ramesh Babu.

On a mountain path where there is no human traffic, a virgin, Chembi, is walking along with her two children, an infant and a school-going girl. The evening is getting dark. There is an old man who asks her where she is going, and brings her to the town.
The people nearby are surprised and shocked to see the maiden Champi who came to town in the middle of the night. Did you come alone? They say that an old man has brought me. But that old man has been dead for many years. Just then there is a supernatural presence.

Sembi goes to her grandfather’s house. There is no one there so she stays in a temple. Then she meets her grandfather and is there happily.
Then the story is shown in front of her. She is very affectionate with her brother Vedan and sister Neelima family. The place is famous for herbs. There are herbs and medicines there that can cure deadly diseases.
It is traditionally used. A gang tries to invade and commercialize those natural resources. They harass and kill those who stand in the way, thus Sembi’s brother and sister-in-law are killed. To save the herbal secret and her own life, Sembi escapes with her brother’s two children and runs away. That is how she goes to her grandfather’s village on the side of Javvadu Hill. Even when she goes there, the mob chases her. How does she face them? Did she save her life? The rest of the story is whether he saved those herbal medicines and magical secrets.

Ashwini Chandrasekhar has played the role of Sembi in the film. Appearance, acting, dress, body language, he has become that character. He has lived as that character without even knowing that it is acting.
Similarly, Manimaran, who plays the role, and Tara Girish, who plays his wife Neelima, have both acted wonderfully. Ram Bharathan, who plays the negative role, has also become a hillbilly man.
Apart from them, even the minor characters in the film have shown realism in their performances and acted as people living in that mountain village. One of the main features of the film that should be appreciated are the locations of the story. The scenes are shot in Pullahalli near Dhenkanikottai in Krishnagiri district and Javvadu hills. Cinematographer Rajkumar has shot the scenes like beautiful paintings in front of the eyes, shooting from various angles in the rough places full of forest and rocks. He has shot completely in natural light. The great strength of the film is the scenes which are not only realistic but also aesthetic. The characters in the film don’t speak much but they speak very well. Not only Tamil but also Telugu and Kannada, the language they speak gives a different color to the film.
Music composer Sebastian Sathish has made the characters speak their feelings through his background music in this film where the characters do not speak at length. Especially in the climax scene, the scenes move without any dialogues. His background music does the talking.
Songs by Umadevi.

Film crews are searching and filming in locations that are not easily accessible. Actors have also lived as characters. There is something missing in the film. The major weakness of the film is that the story moves superficially without creating the ideas and feelings that need to be expressed through compelling scenes.
They have tried to talk about the glory of Siddha medicine in the film. It is also said that corporate is trying to commercialize our heritage. But the fact that nothing is said emphatically is a major drawback. On the whole, the 126.54-minute film has been created in a different background, with good actors, beautiful scenes, and earthy music. But it makes it appear as a film with a vague and modest screenplay. In the film, the virgin is said in the name of purity, holiness and power. There is no doubt that this ‘Kanni’ stands out as a film that is not subject to commercial formulas, does not mix with obscenity, speaks the language of rain, smells of antiquity and upholds tradition.

Actors who worked in the film:
Ashwini Chandrasekhar, Manimaran, Tara Krish, Ram Bharathan.
Directed by Mayon Siva Thorappadi, Cinematography by Rajkumar, Cinematography by Sam, Music by Sebastian Satish, Lyrics by Umadevi, Art by Sakthivel Mohan, Fight Training by Ramesh Babu, Costumes by Arun, Makeup by S. Rathinakumar, Colorist C. Suruli Rajan, PR Sakthi Saravanan, Production Management Henry Kumar

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