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As it is election time for people, it is also election time for Tamil cinema. A series of election-related films have come out. In that order, this week’s film Election is centered on the local body elections. Vijayakumar, Preethi Ashrani, Richa Joshi and others have acted in the Tamil directorial which attracted attention with Sethu Maan.

The film focuses on the politics of the local elections. Vijayakumar’s father Maryam George is a loyal supporter of the ruling party in Attur. The party, who has been working for the party for many years, ignores him. But he lives that the party is important. In this situation, local government elections are announced there. This time too he is denied a seat. His friend Dileepan’s father is also denied a seat and George asks Mariam to stand alone and support her but she cannot leave the party. Dileepan’s father loses the election and refuses to marry his daughter to Vijayakumar. Vijayakumar and Preethi Ashrani, who are living in despair of not getting the girl they have been in love with since childhood, get married by their parents.
At some point there is a situation where you have to contest elections. Did he win the election in the end? Has political maneuvering left him and his family? That is the rest of the story.

The story revolves around local elections in a district. Political betrayal, revenge, disappointment, failure, enmity and hatred are all well written by director Tamil. It also tells how the politics going on within the party and the smoldering animosity between the two parties destroys a family.
Vijayakumar fits right in as the son of the philanthropist. He has done a good job in the character of contesting elections for his father without any understanding of electoral politics. Up until the end, he has shown an excellent performance, opposing the party that did nothing for his father and being disturbed by his friend’s betrayal. There are definitely people like George Marion in every party. He will disappear without enjoying any benefits of working for the party till the end. George Marion has done it brilliantly. Richa Joshi is noticed even if it is only for a short time. Preeti Ashrani has done a good job in the pivotal role of the story. Powell Navgeethan’s performance as uncle is good. Dileepan has done his job perfectly. Tamil cinema should use him more. The verses of the beautiful Periyavan, Tamil and Vijayakumar have spoken the truth. Mahendran Jayaraju’s cinematography beautifully captures the surroundings of Ambur. Songs by Govind Vasantha are ok. Background music is good. Director Tamil has made the film in such a way that today’s youth can understand what politics is.

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