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Padikkadha Pakkangal

Produced by S Movie Park and Pournami Pictures, Selvam is directed by Selvam Mathappan, Yashika Anand, Prajin, George Marion, Muthikumar, Balaji, Lollusaba Manohar, Darshini and produced by Selvam.

A girl (Darshini) trusting her boyfriend to be close, it comes to her as a WhatsApp video from another man’s cell phone. He asks for money and tells many people to lie down, and the woman who meets them pretends to be her boyfriend and demands justice from the man who cheated her, they beat her to death.Actress Sreeja (Yashika Anand) has come to Yercaud for a shoot, and a local TV reporter (Muthukumar) who comes to interview her tries to have sex with her and videotape it.

Actress Sreeja, who pretends to agree with him, at one point beats him down.
She says, “Why did you come here? I came here because of you.” The film is about why, how, and then what happened.
The film is about a gang that takes pornographic pictures of women and threatens them with it, takes money from them and sends lust to many people, using it as power in many ways.
Pollachi wrote on the inspiration of sex crimes. Yashika Anand has given an excellent performance.
Prajin impresses with a perfect performance of his role
Actress Yashika Anand has made these unread pages readable and beautiful by supporting the film as a whole.. Actress Sreeja is also coming as an actress in this film..Yashika Anand is intimidating in her charisma and acting.Prajin, who plays the hero of the story, comes only when the break is approaching.

Along with them, Muthu and MLA from the villain gang are also traveling according to the story.
Psycho villain Muthukumaran is menacing.. Similarly, Aadanga Balaji and Tanshika have also given excellent performances.
Composer Jessie Gibbt has composed the music… the background music travels along with the story..
Cinematographer Dally has done the cinematography for the film, which is based on a thriller plot, while cinematographer Murthy and Saran Shanmugam have done the editing.

They have edited the film within two hours.. This must be appreciated. Similarly, the film’s cinematography is also commendable.
Usually when we read some news in newspapers, we read incidents like an accident, a rape, a murder.. All these would have been headline news in big letters, but after a few days, the related arrest investigation or case withdrawal would have been put in small news.

But these are considered to be the most important. He has directed this film with the thought that there are more Padikkadha Pakkangal than the pages we have read.

So these Padikkadha Pakkangal. pages to be read..

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