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Karthik Singha, who works in a Kodaikanal hostel, falls in love with Anaya, who works in the fire department. Karthik thinks to tell her love somehow. But Karthik hesitates when he sees his suitors come the next day and call him Thangachi. In this situation, Karthik maintains a children’s nursery in that town. Anaya himself falls in love with him after knowing this. In this situation, the climax is how Karthik cunningly seizes the money to cheat a grandfather of Rs 25 lakhs due to the orphanage.

The story is set in Kodaikanal. Kodai is a film made with the idea of ​​giving a film for entertainment without being overly concerned.

Hero Karthik Singha has learned everything from dance to action and it is revealed in ten performances. Karthik Singha, who plays a realistic teenager, shows his talent. Expect him to prove it in future opportunities to show his talent. In many scenes it is important to change the body language so that it appears fast rather than natural.

The action scene where Karthik Sinha collides with the henchmen in the pond where the fish fly is fantastic.Robo Shankar, who comes as the hero’s friend, could have been more engaging in his role. Here and there he speaks some double-meaning verses and makes it difficult. Shankar, who plays the female role, wears make-up accordingly, but his beard and mustache are over the top. I don’t understand why this is acting.Anaya has done what the director said.Singamuthu’s experienced acting makes his laugh out loud with his lines.MS Bhaskar Istri comes as a van car. Old villain Ajay Ratnam is scary.Also, Marimuthu, Bose Venkat, Anand Babu, Gnanasambathan, Sisar Manohar, KR Vijaya and Nalini have acted in a stellar cast.The songs in Subhash Kavi’s music are listenable and enjoyable.Cinematographer Arjunan Karthik could have made Kodaikanal even more elegant and handsome.Rajaselvam has directed the film in a clear straight line.

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