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Thalamai Seyalagam

Directed by Vasanthapalan, Thalamai Seyalagam is a series starring Kishore, Shreya Reddy, Bharath, Ramya Nambisan, Aditya Menon, Kani Khusruti, Nirup Nandakumar, Darsha Gupta, Sara, Siddharth Vipin, OGM, Santhana Bharti, Kavita Bharti.
Gibran has composed the music for the series. Ravi Shankar has done the cinematography.
Radhika Sarathkumar has produced this series, which is edited by Ravikumar.

Arunachalam (Kishore) becomes the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. A corruption case was filed against him by a central figure and the case has been going on for a few years.
Everyone knows that all the witnesses are likely to turn against the Chief and the verdict is likely to come against the Chief. This case is happening in Andhra Pradesh. If Kishore goes to jail, some vultures are circling to grab the chief minister’s chair. Kishore’s elder daughter and minister Ramya Nambisan and Kishore’s second son-in-law Nirup Nandakumar are both aspiring to become the chief minister.
Meanwhile, Ramya is running to save her father somehow. In this context, Kishore’s close friend and party adviser Shreya Reddy is also targeting the post.

Due to his friendship with Shreya Reddy, Chief Minister Kishore is doing whatever Shreya says. Meanwhile, the CBI police are on the hunt for a character named Durga who has committed multiple murders and escaped in the state of Jharkhand. Apart from that, the Durga character has been murdering EX.M.P.s continuously.
Bharat, a police officer, investigates a murder in Tamil Nadu. The case goes on like a thread. All these come together at one point.
On whom does that point stand? Who is Durga? Has Kishore been punished? Or not? Who will be elected as the next chief minister? Many questions are answered in the rest of the story.

Actor Kishore is amazing playing the main character of the story. Knowing the importance of his character, he has done it in moderation. Actor Kishore reaches the peak of his performance at the moment when he regrets the state of the party and the state of Tamil Nadu government behind him. We could feel how much he has imbibed the character in every little reaction.
Shreya Reddy is the main pillar of the film. Heroine Shreya Reddy has suited the role of “Kortavai” to the extent that there is no one else in Tamil cinema to play such a role. Shreya has given her signature performance in many places. In the climax scene, you can see Timiru Akka for a minute.

Bharat, who plays a police officer, is perfect. Aditya Menon’s interrogation as a CBI officer is entertaining.
The most daring character is that of Ramya Nambisan. The lines spoken by the minister with a stern face elicit applause.
Following them, characters such as Kani Khusruti, Nirup Nandakumar, Darsha Gupta, Sara, Siddharth Vipin, OGM, Santana Bharati, Kavita Bharati and others have done their own thing and lived as characters.
Director Vasantha Balan has created a political chess game by mixing both Indian politics and Tamil Nadu politics that we have seen so far.

The director has teased many current events such as container, helicopter accident, corruption case being investigated in another state, the case being filed by the central government, the central government trying to take over the state government by putting the chief minister in jail, the situation in North India.
Moving too fast causes extreme gravity on the series. Although it sags a bit in the middle, the final two episodes keep it at the edge of the pack. Climax is the biggest twist.

Gibran’s score and Ravishankar’s cinematography are major strengths of the series.
All in all head Thalamai Seyalagam can go and enjoy.

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