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STR decision to shed his Title ‘ Young Super Star’

STR decision to

shed his Title

‘ Young Super Star’

STR had been imposing himself with certain ‘ Must and Must not’ as he is in the process of re inventing himself thanks to the path of divinity. The fore most of that he says will be the decision to shed his title ‘ Young Super Star’. ‘I have decided to shed off these extra packages that inflates ego. As I’m venturing into the most important phase of my professional life, I am becoming more conscious of the image I have and the subsequent effect it would have on my fans. Being a social conscious person myself I fully understand the impact these ‘Not so important’ tags has over the image of a growing individual. The importance of gaining admiration and appreciation from the general public has been weighing in my mind, and this will be a major step towards that. I am confident that my fans who had been very supportive to me all through my career will understand and endorse this stand of mine too’ concluded STR.

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