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Malayalam film industry usually releases films with good story lines. Premalu is such a great entertainment and good love story movie this movie is a huge hit in Malayalam and now released in tamil. Udhayanidhi’s Red Giant company that releases quality films is released all over Tamil Nadu. Let’s see about this film Sarai.
Premalu is a Malayalam movie directed by Krish starring Malayalam fame Nazlane, Mamita Baiju, Altab Saleem, Shyam Mohan, Akila Bargavan and Meenakshi Ravindran.
Vishnu Vijay has composed the music for this film. Ajmal Sabu has done the cinematography.

Producers: Bhagat Basil Tliese, Sham Pushkaran
Cinematography: Akash Joseph Varghese
The film which released last month is not only in the Malayalam world but also in Tamil Nadu cinema and is making a big buck at the box office.
In this case, the film will be dubbed in Tamil and released in many theaters in Tamil Nadu from March today.

Nayagan Nazlane is in love with a girl while studying in college. At the end of college, Nazlane decides to propose to the girl, but the romance ends in failure.He is constantly trying to work abroad. At this time Nazlane is going to Hyderabad to study a course.Meanwhile, he befriends Mamita Baiju, who works in the software industry there.Mamita is a character who doesn’t take anything seriously, doesn’t fear anyone, and lives her life happily by doing what she likes.

Nazlane falls in love with Mamita the moment he sees her. He continues to interact with him.
The rest of the story of the film is whether this one-headed love of Nasle is a two-headed love or not.
Nayagan Nasle’s small reactions are the biggest strength of the film. Nazle is amazing playing a hero without any kind of heroism.
Actress Mamita is the biggest pillar of the film. Her cute scenes make the movie more enjoyable. His scenes have done well in many places. Surely Tamil cinema will roll out the red carpet for him.

Another pillar is Sangeet Pratap. His comedies have made the moviegoers laugh at many places. Also, the performances of Altap Salim, Shyam Mohan, Akila Bargavan, Meenakshi Ravindran and other stars who acted in the film have attracted us to a great extent.
The director has found success in fitting comedy scenes perfectly even in small places. Without any double meaning verses, the director has given a wonderful work considering the mentality of the youth of this time and bringing their life before the eyes.

Be it the background music or the songs, both have contributed immensely to the film.
Colorful cinematography has given beautiful scenes. You can watch this movie once or twice with your family. There is no doubt that Premalu’s movie will be in the top 10 of the best movies of this year.

Premalu – A romantic gala

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