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For those who have seen the films of world cinema i.e. Hollywood James Bond and Tom Cruise and wondered if this is an Indian film, Pathan is an action thriller film with a nationalistic mix. Set as a picture.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan has been released as Pan India in Indian languages ​​including Tamil. After about five years, Shah Rukh Khan is making a comeback as an action hero.

When we watch this film, it is like a live Tamil film. That too, when Shah Rukh Khan says in the introduction scene, “Don’t you speak in Tamil”, the theater shakes.
Well let’s see the story of the film;

John Abraham, a spy for India, turns against the nation at one point. Another spy Shah Rukh Khan sets out to destroy India. But Deepika Padukone traps him in her love trap. This causes Shah Rukh Khan to stumble and get into trouble. Life threatening condition.

After this interlude twist, he returns, chases and kicks John Abraham and foils the plot against India.

Shah Rukh Khan with 8 pack body is intimidating. He also intimidates us in the fight scenes. He makes us live in acting. He makes us say in love scenes. He also makes us melt in sentimental scenes. On the other hand, John Abraham also takes action by showing his restraint. He also proves that he is a great actor scene after scene. Both are sure to impress the fans.

Deepika Padukone strolls around in a bikini as they say I’m not lazy. It’s a feast for the fans. She makes us enjoy the bikini without being obscene. And in the fight scenes, Shahrukh Khan scared us by fighting like Jaan.

The whole film shows us around the world, but the whole film does not make us sad even though there are action scenes.

Salman Khan, who comes in a cameo role, entertains in a comedy mixed action scene.

The biggest strength of the film is the cinematography as well as the terrifying fight scenes

Director Siddharth Anand makes us watch. Every scene and character leaves us in awe. In many places, Panni has given us the impression that Indian film is Bargram.

Director Siddharth Anand makes you enjoy his screenplay with magic, even if it lacks logic.

Those who enjoyed watching James Bond films in their childhood will surely enjoy this movie.

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