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‘Ayali’ talks about women’s education – not only that, this film is also a web series about menstruation for women.

S. ‘Ayali’ is a serial produced by Kushmavathi and directed by Muthukumar. It also stars debutant Abhi Nakshatra in the lead role along with Anumol, Aruvi Madan, Linga and Singambuli Linga. The series with a total of 8 episodes will be released on the 26th of this year on the G5 OTT platform.

The series is based on the story of a village steeped in age-old customs that girls should be married off at puberty, the belief that the village deity Ayali will get angry and curse the villagers if they do not follow this tradition, and a young girl struggles to overcome these and achieve her goal of becoming a doctor.

The series is a coming-of-age story of girls fighting against all odds for education and empowerment and to achieve their dreams and aspirations”

This web series which comes in 8 parts in total, is very lively in a very realistic screenplay and at the same time, he has set a story that makes everyone think. Director Muthukumar. This series is a very important film for women and director Muthukumar has made a very simple story through a wonderful compelling screenplay. Especially Tamil Selvi character and Amma Abba character are the most amazing characters and also every role of Banaiyur village people has been set up by the director very well. Director. In this film, the director has made us think that Tamils ​​generally have many superstitions about women’s menstruation, like putting a needle in a banana without protesting.

Even today the director has shown the condition of women in the society especially in the village very nicely and also the director has very beautifully told how big a superstition it is to light a lamp during menstruation and not to go to the temple.

Abhinaya who is playing the role of a tamil maid has lived the character of 15 years old and she is very realistic acting and she is acting like a monster. All the actors who acted in the movie Aawar Ahali Aali have done such a great performance. They have performed.

The director’s biggest strength is Ramji’s cinematography and music director Reva Benn, the music composer, amazes us with the background music and songs for every scene.

On the whole, Ayali makes us enjoy, makes us wonder and makes us think.

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