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ROJECT C CHAPTER 2 – A New-Dimensional Suspense Thriller

PROJECT C CHAPTER 2 – A New-Dimensional Suspense Thriller is gearing up for Worldwide Theatrical Release on December 23rd, 2022

From the banner SHARK FIN STUDIOS, SRI presents ‘Project C – Chapter 2’India’s First Sophomore Feature Film.

Filmmaker VNO made his directorial debut with the movie ‘Mangai Maanvizhi Ambugal’ in 2018 and is now directing his second outing titled ‘Project C – Chapter 2’.

The film features SRI, Vasudha Krishnamoorthy, Chaams, Ramji, Balaji Venkatraman and Kovai Gurumoorthy as the titular characters.

The film, interwoven with thriller elements as in the ‘Rummy’ card game, features 6 characters with unique traits. The story is all about the game of conflict among these 6 individuals that will proceed at a riveting and engaging screenplay, and their unique hard-hitting nature will keep the audience at edge-of-their seats, thereby endowing audiences, with an engrossing experience.

‘Project C – Chapter 2’ will be a first-of-its-kind suspense thriller in the Tamil film industry that will offer a fresh experience with its screenplay and the character design of titular characters.

The film made in three parts will have the second installment ‘Project C – Chapter 2’ released first. Usually, movie franchises will have the first part scheduled for initial release followed by the other consecutive installments. In contrast, ‘Project C’ will have the second part hitting screens first.

Sharing insight about the film, producer-actor SRI says, “Project C – Chapter 2’ is a dramatic suspense thriller. We have crafted and materialized this movie, which will be a first-of-its-kind one in the Tamil film industry. Just like the film’s premise, we wanted the release schedule to be unique and different, thereby scheduling the release of the second part ahead of the First & Third part. The audience, while watching the second part will have their inquisitiveness spiked up on what actually happened in the first part, and the sequel will be very easy for them to connect and understand.”

Actress Vasudha Krishnamoorthy, who plays the female lead in this movie, has already acted in an English film titled ‘Sister’, and has won the ‘Best Actress Award’ for her spellbinding performance.”

This film will not have a prototyped characterization of hero and heroine, but instead, will have equal importance for the 6 leading characters.

Sibu Sukumaran is composing music for this film. A noteworthy fact is that he has already scored music for 12 Malayalam movies. ‘Project C – Chapter 2’ marks his debut in the Tamil industry. Sathish Anand of Adanga Maru and Annadurai is handling the cinematography and Dinesh Gandhi is taking care of editing.

Apart from the three songs in the film that have already become great hits, the background score will be appreciated by audiences.

‘Project C- Chapter 2’ is gearing up for worldwide theatrical release on December 23, 2022, with Action-Reaction Jenish releasing it all over Tamil Nadu.

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