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Aranmanai4 is the most awaited movie in Tamil cinema and this movie is hip hop tamil with Sundar C, Tamannaah, Rashi Khanna, Yogi Babu, Kowai Sarala, Santhosh Pratap, VTV Ganesh, Ramachandra Raju, KS Ravikumar, Jayaprakash, Singam Puli and others. The film is produced by Khushbu Sundar and ACS Arun with music by Hiphop Aadi and cinematography by Krishnamurthy.
Palace has released three parts so far and it has been a huge success both critically and financially. In that order, the fourth part Aranmanai4 is released today.

Santhosh Pratap lives in the old palace with his wife Tamanna and two children, who is doing some maintenance work on the old palace and trying to sell it. Zamindar Delhi Ganesh, the owner of the palace, and his granddaughter Rashi Khanna also live in the same place.
Meanwhile Santosh Pratap is killed by an evil force. The evil force that enters the palace in his form tries to kill his children. Tamannaah, the mother who fights to save the children from it, is brutally murdered. However, the police registered his death as suicide. Tamannaah’s brother Sundar C comes to the village after learning about the matter and learns that there is a mystery behind the death of his younger sister and groom and tries to find it out. At that time, some more murders happen in the village. Sunder, who is keen to find out the reason behind these murders, comes to know about the evil Bhag, and learns that the Bhag is trying to kill his younger sister, groom and some villagers along with his younger sister’s daughter. Sundar C, who fights to save the girl from it, destroys that evil power. That is the rest of the story. Sundar C has taken the role of hero and director in this film. He has done justice to the character he is playing. Since he is also the creator of the film, Asathi gives a very good performance for the role he is playing. For the sake of being a hero, there is no need for duets, no excessive fight scenes, and no unnecessary fight scenes. If the biggest strength of the film is Tamanna, then Tamanna, who plays the role of a mother of two children, has beautifully expressed all kinds of emotions, crying, tension, anger, aggression, children’s affection, scene after scene. She has done her job as a mother and a good ghost very well.
Even though she is the heroine of the film, Rashi Khanna is not given credit for it, but she shines only in her charm.
Yogi Babu, Kowai Sarala and VTV Ganesh’s comedy is all laugh out loud. We are fascinated by the love scenes of late Sesu’s who joins them from time to time.

Santhosh Pratap, Ramachandra Raju, Delhi Ganesh, Jayaprakash, Singam Puli, Sanjay, KS Ravikumar and other stars who have acted in the film have been used for the screenplay.

Music by hip-hop Tamila Aadi, the songs are set in such a way that it compensates for the pace of the film. Cinematographer E. Krishnamurthy knows the nature of the story and has given a very nice cinematography. He impresses us especially in the climax scenes.
Director Sundar.C attracts us in this part more than the last three parts especially he has set the scenes in a very attractive way for the children. This film gives us more surprise than the climax scenes of the last three parts. Aranmanai4 is a movie that I enjoyed watching with my family this summer vacation
All in all Aranmanai4 is magic without logic

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