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R.J.Balaji will replace “Cho” in political spoof-B.Sakthivelan

RJ Balaji played a perfect host and emcee and commenced the occasion by requesting all media and press to maintain one minute silence for the martyr death of Jawans. The entire team including producer Isari K Ganesh, Priya Anand, Director Prabhu, JK Rithesh and all the technicians in the film along with actors were present. 

Producer Isari K Ganesh of Vels Film International said, “LKG is the maiden production of my home studio. My father had a great dream of foraying into the industry as an actor and producer, but unfortunately passed away at age of 46. I am happy that vision is coming true now through this film. There are lots of roles really being bankrolled by us now, but RJ Balaji and his team managed to complete the film on time as promised so it becomes the first movie to be released for our production studio. When RJ Balaji narrated me the basic concept of this film in a car drive, I was impressed with the script and immediately decided to go for it. Last night we saw the final copy of this film and I couldn’t stop but hug and appreciate RJ Balaji. The film isn’t playing spoof or trolling anyone, but it has a moral value and good message. Personally, I am a diehard fan of Sathyaraj sir’s Amaithippadai, which is till now appreciated by many and now LKG will join the league.”

Music Director Leon James said, “When RJ Balaji approached me for the first time to compose music for this film, I was so much excited with him. As soon as the shooting was over, I got the copy to score BGM. Soon after watching the film, I was completely excited and immediately called up RJ Balaji and said that it is the first ever political movie in the recent times to enthral me. I had lots of responsibilities to give best tunes and background score to the film.”

Actor-Politician JK Rithesh jocularly started off saying, “When I was initially approached for the film, I thought it was a positive lead role. Even now I told someone that I am donning a politician’s role in the film, but now I realise that I am no different from Bobby Simha in Jigarthanda.” He continued to add that he is excited to watch the film in theatres along with actors. Speaking about RJ Balaji he said, I would often tell Isari K Ganesh sir that he is someone who shouldn’t be missed in any of our future projects. Such happens to be his energy and commitment.”

Actor Mayilsamy said, “The earnest reason behind feeling overjoyed working with RJ Balaji is his unconditional help towards the flood victims and he was the first one to meet them along with Siddarth. The entire team had so much of energy and discipline. More than all, everyone in the film are good hearted, which has obviously contributed to the good results of this film.”

RJ Balaji also took the opportunity to thank couple of personalities in the industry. One is Ram Kumar sir as he said, “We have never seen Ram Kumar sir acting in any movies except for couple of them. Our film is really blessed to have him.” The other person that RJ Balaji instantly thanked was politician turned actor Nanjil Sampath, “He is such a humble person and when we approached him for this film, the first thing he asked was if he will get paid for the college fees of his son. I was so much shocked to see him in such a deplorable situation. I actually approached him for the role of a bad politician, but my perceptions about him kept changing and he is such a wonderful person. He is now acting under Sivakarthikeyan’s production am sure, he will be busy for next couple of years.”

B.Sakthivelan of Sakthi Film Factory said, “I happened to watch the film last night and was totally amazed by the way the film is made. I am sure RJ Balaji could have made a film casually as he has huge fan base. But he has made a sensible movie and he looks like a Junior Cho Ramasamy sir to me. Such happens to be his mindset and brilliant thinking that involves well being of society. Just as Charlie Chaplin’s movie was made on Hitler, Cho Ramasamy sir made a film on Mohammad Bin Tughlaq, I would definitely assure that LKG will be one such film.”

Actress Priya Anand said, “I am so happy to be a part of such a good team. Especially, to work with a person like RJ Balaji who has never hurt the sentiments of anyone with vulgar jokes, but he is a sensible and brilliant thinker. Moreover, I have accompanied him to many colleges and am really feeling proud of him for his talks on women empowerment. I thank producer Isari Ganesh sir for bringing me on-board for this film.”

Art Director T Balasubramaniam said, “Working with RJ Balaji was like spending time with a younger brother and his creativity is literally phenomenal. He keeps thinking of new ideas and it is seen even in the posters.”

Executive Producer Ashwin Kumar was acclaimed as backbone of the production House. But he kept things so much limited with his words expressing his thanks to everyone in the team. 

Director Prabhu said, “What Sakthivel sir has said is true about the film. I am privileged to have Ganesh sir as producer. Everyone here have spoken sumptuously about the film. I am sure audiences will accept that it’s not just an entertaining film but a movie with good message.”
Actor RJ Balaji said, “Over the past couple of years, I stopped acting in movies as comedian as I didn’t have any satisfaction with it. Many used to advice me not todo such things and wanted to do movies to earn money. But I invested this time to write the script for LKG. Soon after the Chennai floods,there was elections that recorded just 57% voting, I realised one thing that youngsters are not aware about who to vote for and why. I personally feel that after watching LKG, they will definitely come out and show a increase in voting percentage. This isn’t a spoof movie, but something that will make audiences think about something. This isn’t a film that is meant for fulfilling my personal motives, but something to doas social welfare. I am sure everyone will love this film as family audiences that is getting released on February 22.”

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