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Let’s have a look at the story of PT Sir starring Hip Hop Adi. Thiagarajan was father of education in Erode. In his school, works as a PT sir. He falls in love with Kashmira who is a teacher in the same school. Adi has a timid nature. If injustice happens, he is only amused. Anika, daughter of Aadi’s neighbor Ilavarasu , is studying in Thiagarajan’s college. Some people misbehave with Anika who is walking on the road one night.she tells this at home, Anika’s parents scold her and beat her. The whole street people itself sees Anika as the one at fault. Disheartened by this, Anika commits suicide. But Aadi files a police report that Anika was murdered. What is the reason for that? How did Anika die? Who are the criminals? That is the story of the film.

The film talks about atrocities against women in the society. Kudos to the director for that. Adi has done his job well. There are still some areas where his performance needs improvement. Kashmir is beautiful. The biggest strength of the film is the performance of Aadhi and Anika. Also the performance of Illasaru who plays Anika’s father is amazing. Prabhu, Madhuvanti, Devadarshini, Bhagyaraj etc. have done the job well. This is the 25th film in Aadi’s music. But the songs are approx. The background music is good. Thiagarajan as the villain is intimidating. But it would have been better if someone else had been cast in the role. It is a good thing that women in the society thought of making films about daily tragedies. But it could have been made more interesting. Intermission scene and climax are well done. Could have avoided giving unnecessary build up to the hero.

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