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Saamaniyan is directed by R. Rakesh with music by Ilayaraja and starring Ramarajan, MS, Bhaskar, Radharavi, Bose Venkat, Saravana Subpaiah, KS Ravikumar, Maimgopi, Leo Sivakumar, Nakissa Saran Vinodini, Deepa Shankar, Simruthi Venkat and others.

Ramarajan, a hero who comes to Chennai from Madurai, enters a private bank and holds the occupants captive at gunpoint and explosives. A person who asks for Rs 2.75 lakhs from the assistant manager of the bank, despite having crores of cash and gold jewelery in that bank, asks the bank manager for a total of three years’ interest of Rs 3.50 lakhs. Thirdly, another official of the bank vacates the house he is living in and makes a condition that a young couple and their child from Madurai should be brought in and moved in.

Although Ramarajan’s conditions are very simple, the police are confused as to what is behind this and Tamil Nadu itself starts looking into the matter. In this situation, when the police went to the place where Ramarajan had asked to be brought from Madurai, there were only three mausoleums there. ‘Saamaniyan’ means awareness and caution for the common people. Ramarajan, who has come back as a hero after about 12 years after overcoming various problems including an accident, has played the hero of a story suitable for the current age rather than a commercial hero of heroine, love, song. “My life started with a dowser, till today it has been going well, so it is not a big deal for me” to the police threatening to “untie your dowser” the whistles in the theater are deafening. Although Ramarajan has a distinct trend, Sankaranarayanan, the hero of the story, is a perfect fit in a story suited to the current era, and has done his job flawlessly.

Both MS Bhaskar and Radharavi, who have played the roles of Ramarajan’s friends, are by Ramarajan’s side and have traveled the screenplay with their experienced acting. Leo Sivakumar and Laksha Charan, who play the young couple, have performed beautifully in the romantic and sentimental scenes. Even after realizing the dream of owning their own house, their lives become disrupted due to debt, which keeps the audience in awe.

Bose Venkat playing the role of a bank officer, Maim Gobi playing the role of a construction company owner, KS Ravikumar playing the role of a top police officer, Aparnathy playing the role of a TV reporter, Gajaraj playing the role of a police inspector, Ms.
Although two songs in Ilayaraja’s music have been heard, the old songs of the Ilayaraja-Ramarajan alliance have been featured in some places as a celebration. The background music has traveled vividly to the scenes.

Cinematographer C. Arul Selvan has only done what is required for the story, but if he had a little menace, the film would have been stronger. It is clear that he did not make any effort especially in the way he portrayed Nayagan Ramarajan.
Director Rakesh, who has handled the story written by K. Karthik Kumar very delicately to bring to light not only the plight of the people suffering through bank loans, but also the theft of banks that rob the public in the name of credit, even though it is a revenge story, tells it in a different style and makes the fans relate to the film.

Having your own house is everyone’s dream, but the director has made it very clear for the common people to understand the message, but think a little while taking a loan for that dream.

All in all, this ‘Saamaniyan’ does not disappoint us and makes us enjoy

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