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Oru Thavaru Seidhal

A young man who is staying with his friends in a separate room with the intention of becoming a director in cinema is evicted because he cannot pay the house rent. A man advises him on a money-making strategy when he and a friend find themselves without a place to stay. Taking that as a reason, young people decide to cheat and earn money online. They choose the political field for that. Climax answers that what are the problems they face and are they able to earn crores of money as expected. This is not a story of a personal hero but a story of some young people who think that somehow they should earn a film in life.
Ram Chandran, Pari and Sridhar, who have acted in it, have done their part sincerely, so the scenes are exciting and enjoyable.
The footage shows how the youths who negotiate with Namo Narayanan by saying that they will help him in the election campaign and slander the opposition candidate online, do everything as he says.

Cast: MS Bhaskar, Ram Chandran, Upasana, Pari, Sridhar, Namo Narayanan, Surender, Santhosh Produced by: KMP Pitchers Music: KM Ryan Cinematography: Vijay Krishna, Mahesh Sridhar Directed by: Mani Damodaran PR: Nikhil Murugan

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