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Uyir Thamizukku

Aamir is playing the lead role in the film and the cast includes Chandini Sreedharan, Anantharaj, Iman Annachi, Marimuthu, Raj Kapoor, Subramaniasiva, Mahanadhi Shankar, Rajasimman, Saravanashakti, Ganja Karupu and others.
Vidyasagar composed the music for this film, Pa. Vijay penned the songs, Balamurali Varman and Ajayanbala wrote the dialogues of this political film. Cinematography-Devaraj, Editor-Ashok. The film has been released by producer Suresh Kamatchi. PRO John.

As a cable TV operator in Theni district, Pandiyan takes the name MGR Pandi and helps the people of the village. In this case, Pandian goes to file nomination papers with his friend Sutale (Iman Annachi) who is contesting for the post of councilor and falls in love when he sees Tamilselvi (Sandini Sreedharan) who is the daughter of opposition minister Bekadai Ramachandran (Anandaraj) who is contesting for the post of councilor. So instead of Iman Annachi, Amir contests for the post of councilor on behalf of the People’s Front Party. . After that, he is campaigning for election with the idea of ​​meeting Tamil Selvi. Even though he eventually wins the councilor election and falls in love with Tamil Selvi, his political father’s opposition grows stronger. In this case, when Bekadai Ramachandran was killed by mysterious persons, the police and the opposition believe that Pandian is the reason, Tamilselvi also strongly believes that Pandian killed her father and hates Pandian. How does Pandian prove that he is innocent in the end? Did Tamilchelvi accept love after that? Did Pandian join Tamilchelvi? That is the end of the film.

Aamir is not only a great director in Tamil cinema but also a great actor who has proved it through many films. But Aamir, who has appeared in very serious films so far, has taken a comic avatar for the first time.
As Aamir Pandyan, he satirizes the contemporary politics by spoofing the contemporary politics by learning politics and becoming a full-time politician. congratulations.

Within minutes, Aamir begins to enthrall us with his action-packed performance.
As a jovial young man, he charms us a lot as a politician. Chandini, who is coming as a Tamil actress, knows her role and is acting. He is entertaining in love scenes and challenging scenes with the hero.
Iman Annachi, Raj Kapoor, Anandraj, Saravana Shakti, Mahanadi Shankar, Ganja Karupu have a huge star cast. Everyone entertains in their own style. Vidya Sagar’s music and Devaraj’s cinematography are a plus for the film.

Director Adhambhava has given a romantic film that is supposed to be a political film. At the same time, he did not leave politics.
When you see the title of Vaya Tamilukku, you should not miscalculate that Aamir is acting to save the Tamil language. Adam Bhava has written and directed the film about the life of an ordinary young man who enters politics for his girlfriend Tamilselvi, mixed with political comedy. Producer director Adhambhawa has tried to satirize the political dramas staged in the past and make a screenplay of murder, revenge and hoarding money. They have actively parodied politics like meditating in front of a mausoleum, running the government with the blessing of the central government, EVM vote mission tactics, and questioning whether there should not be soul politics when there is spiritual politics.

On the whole, love has come as a political film.

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