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“Actress Amala Paul” News


Pretty actress Amala paul is always on the news . Her face value is becoming larger and it is evident in the increase of numbers in her face page. It is believed that her face page value had crossed over a lakh in a short span of time .Amala has been cutting across the language barriers with her films and her enlarging fan base is also cutting across all the southern states . As she ventures Pan India , this is bound not to add but to multiply . lakh to crore is just miles . What instigated such a massive flood is the ‘ Amala in veshti ‘ pictures that was posted on her face book. ‘ I think there is a cute boy inside me which all my fans love . The response to these pictures surprises me as this response was unprecedented to even my designers wear photographs which i had posted earlier ‘ says Amala paul with her ever lasting attractive smile .

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