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Kishin Shewaram Loungani interested in launching a Mobile App to increase the flexibility for traders

Kishin Shewaram Loungani, proprietor, R.Kishin & Co, leading trader in India, today announced the campaign to promote about the e-trading facility in India with the support of Mobile App to create the awareness to the buyers and sellers. In India they have a trade units located at Mumbai & Kochi, and the campaign to promote into all over the country in various locations. Kishin Shewaram Loungani, proprietor, R.Kishin & Co will be the organizing the campaign.

Kishin Shewaram Loungani has highlighted the details of the Mobile App for traders. The Mobile App enables traders of India, along with other countries, to apply for e-trading facility from anywhere around in the world. These can be obtained ahead of traders through a simple online application process.

Under the new technology the traders can validate and renew the business through online. Traders and businessmen will get the greatest benefit of the new technology in future by using the e-trading facility through Mobile App.

The most important trade and investment partners will aim to build relationship by encouraging the trading investment into the region. We are delighted to be hosting the firms have a great deal to offer and the benefits in the current market scenario and it is an excellent opportunity for the multiple trade business.

Mr. Kishin Shewaram Loungani, proprietor, R.Kishin & Co said, this announcement shows our traders into the relationship that has been at the heart of making profitability. We look forward more businesses in the future.

We hope that nationals and overseas will both able to take the advantage of this opportunity. Presently, there is a interest in the neighbouring traders in the market, and they also ready for investment in the e-trading facility through Mobile App. With the objective of strengthening e-trading as the destination for business in the market condition, while we take this opportunity to promote the campaign in our country and explain about the awareness to the customers level to be increase.

In addition Mr. Kishin Shewaram Loungani, proprietor, R.Kishin & Co says, our concept is a revolutionary idea. Iindividuals can choose to have video conference with the traders instead of attending the conference they may be participating by the way of Mobile App. It’s most useful and benefit to the traders to save their valuable time schedule and can operate from anywhere in the world. This mobile App will be designed for tradesman. Whether you are importer, exporter, merchant, trader, and manufacturer are any other professional in the business industry it will help you to save your time and win more business.

Using this Mobile App you can stay on top of your work load and give your business and edge by sending professional Quotation and Invoices to clients direct from your phone by text or email.

The Business people can search and get prices for more than one lakh products and materials from other countries directly from the Mobile App and add to your quote or Invoice.

Local search and route guidance makes it easier than ever to get the supplies you need to get the job done for your consumers.

When creating the quote, estimate or invoice with this Mobile App you can customize the look to best fit your organization. Simply upload your company logo and your PDF’s will be available in a matching color scheme. Use can also add sections and heading to your PDF’s to ensure they are clear and concise for your consumers.

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