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Kazhuvethi moorkkan

Kazhuvethi Moorkan is a caste political film set in Ramanathapuram district. Both Arulnidhi and Santosh Pratap have been friends since childhood. Arulnithi Melatheru. Santosh Pratap Lower Street. But both are friends. In this case, Rajasimman, who is the district secretary of a party in that town, wants to hold a huge public meeting in the town to show his influence to the party leadership. So there is a problem where the poster is going to be put up where Santosh Pratap is. Due to this, the district secretary wants to take revenge on both of them due to enmity. At one point the blame for Santhosh Pratap’s murder falls on Arulnidhi. Who killed Santhosh Pratap in the end? Has the murder charge on Arulnidhi gone? That is the rest of the story.

Arulnidhi struts like a bull on the screen as per the story and title. His eyes and mustache show Rautra. Throughout the film, he plays the villain. He beats everyone. The friendship between him and Santhosh Pratap is well showcased. Arulnidhi is a film to tell. Same goes for Santhosh Pratap. Dushara Vijayan has taken the pinny in the performance. So much intimacy in love scenes. Transmits feelings casually. I want to act in more romantic films. The song Kanna Patha in the music of Iman stands in the mind. He has given the necessary music for such action films in the background music. The acting of Muneeskanth, Sayadevi, Sarath, Padman, Yar Kannan and others is strong for the film. Sridhar’s cinematography brings out the action scenes. Editing by Nagooran Ramachandran is good. A little caution is required when talking about caste politics. Director Sy has received praise for saying what he wanted to say in a straight line without any compromise. Gautam Raj. Hats off to the director for telling how a society is affected by caste fanatic politicians through a good screenplay.

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