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Jai, studying electrical engineering, falls in love with fellow student Chandni. Both get married while studying. In this case, Jai is dismissed from the college. Jai is looking for a job as survival is only possible if he works. He does electrical work at a construction site. A friend who becomes accustomed there makes him addicted to alcohol. Jai becomes addicted to alcohol and forgets his family. He also loses a leg due to this. Drink makes him a beggar. Jai’s mother comes to know about this and she screams at her son. The film eloquently tells us what the outcome will be.

There have been many movies about the evil of drunkards, but none of them have been so compelling as this film.Jaya Krishnamurthy has directed the film as the hero. In the opening scenes, he is coming and going like this, and the scene where he plays a drunkard after becoming a drunkard adds intensity, and that intensity is the gift of his acting. Kicking a pregnant wife and crawling on one leg to beg in a Tasmac bar skins a few people The scenes alone are enough to show the extent to which alcoholics will stoop to drink.

The heroine of the film, Chandini, has played a meek role. But when a husband who is addicted to alcohol commits so many atrocities, it also raises doubts whether such a wife exists in this age. Is there a neighbor Karamma who shows affection like Deepa in this period? .?
Iswari Rao, who becomes Jai’s mother, becomes Bathirakali when she sets fire to the liquor store that has made her son an alcoholic.

Sri Jai Productions has produced the film. Ka Sathyaraj’s cinematography does not exceed reality, If Raghunandan had paid more attention to the music, the lyrics would have stuck in his mind.

Alakalam – re-name of Liquor.

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