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Starring Vijay Antony, Mrinalini Ravi, Yogi Babu, Prince, Sudha, VTV Ganesh, Thalivasal Vijay, Sreeja Ravi, Shara and others.The film is directed by Vinayak Vaidyanathan. Music by Bharat Dhanasekhar. Produced by Vijay Antony Film Corporation.

Vijay Antony, who returned from Malaysia and earned money, is beyond the age of marriage. When his parents talk about marriage, he says that he will marry only if he falls in love. For such a person, when he sees Mirnali Ravi, love blossoms in his heart.
He gets married to Mrinalini. But Mirnali Ravi, who gets married against her will, has only a dream and ambition to become a heroine in cinema. Vijay Antony falls head over heels in love with Mrinalini as she travels towards her ambition. In the end, did Vijay Antony’s love win? What happened to Mrinalini’s ambition? The film ‘Romeo’ is the journey of the screenplay in search of the end.

Vijay Antony, who made a deep impression on the fans as a silent action hero, has played the role of Arivu as a romantic hero in this film.
Apart from sensational action, he attracts fans in places where love is expressed. In this film, he has shown his different face.
He has also dabbled in dance and comedy. Mrinalini Ravi, who is playing the role of Leela as the heroine, is already a nose and mouth. He draws attention through the eyes and facial expressions of the character who travels with the story. He has used various acting opportunities. His looks and acting have taken the screen by storm. The scenes where Yogi Babu gives romantic ideas to the Hero are all laugh out loud. The scenes where Shara’s team plays as the heroine’s friends are extra lively. VTV Ganesh, Ilajassu, Thalivasal Vijay, Sreeja Ravi, Sudha who have played other roles have also played their part in their own style. Cinematographer J. Badshah has shot the scenes colorfully like rangoli. They are the scenes required for a commercial film. The music by Bharat Dhanasekar has all the songs in different genres and helps the film. The background music is also not lacking.

Although there have been many films that talk about the consequences of an unwilling marriage, this film talks about what are the dreams of married women? Those dreams do not end with marriage. In that way, director Vinayak Vaidyanathan has made the protagonist different from the usual heroine who revolves around him. , he has designed the character of the hero.

All in all, this ‘Romeo’ is a fun film that appeals not only to commercial fans but also to women.

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