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Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai

Four friends including Akash Premkumar and Prem are having fun. Apart from Akash, the three of them rob with their girlfriends and Akash, who is struggling to find a girlfriend, gets Enakshi as his girlfriend. Unlike others, he conditions both of them to have platonic love i.e. without touching or kissing. Although Akash agrees at first, he later crosses the line. Enakshi who doesn’t accept it breaks up and decides to marry another groom. In this, Akash, who is mentally ill, kidnaps his friends and their girlfriends and threatens them at gunpoint to go to the village where the primitive Tamils ​​lived without clothes and live naked without any desire. Climax answers if Akash strips his friends and goes to the pub with them.I stop adult comedy where the hero Akash, who suffers from love failure and gets treatment, escapes from there and sees that he is going to take revenge on someone. Bringing the friends’ girlfriends to the place and the comments they make on their married lovers is heart-wrenching.Akash threatens the girls at gunpoint to strip their clothes as well, which makes the girls stand up.How did director RKV think of such a concept and thought to convey a message like Nithyananda Samiyar.Produced by E. Mohan.Although it is an adult comedy film, it is the first time that the women are dressed in men’s clothing without undressing.

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