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YouTube Blacksheep to launch satellite channel on November 2022

YouTube Blacksheep to launch satellite channel on November 2022
Brand Ambassador Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu’s promo goes viral

Blacksheep, one of the leading YouTube channels, is set to launch its official satellite channel on November 6, 2022 with Vagai Puyal Vadivelu as the brand ambassador.

Pure craftsmanship and sheer dedication have been the mantra of successful brands in the world of entertainment. Endowing audiences with decorous entertainment packages through the YouTube channel for years, Blacksheep is now embarking on a journey with its satellite channel named ‘Blacksheep’ on November 6, 2022. The satellite channel has a slew of fiction and non-fiction entertainment and infotainment show that are tailor-made for youth and family crowds.

Vigneshkanth, CEO-Founder, Blacksheep Channel, says, “We are happy to announce our new journey in the world of television. We are overwhelmed with the excellent response to our YouTube programs. Eventually, we found that youth audiences contributed a lot towards our progression. While their utmost support and appreciation encouraged us to come up with diversified content online. This instilled in us the ideation process to start a satellite channel that will endorse valuable entertainment shows, which wouldn’t be a takeaway for youngsters alone, but everyone in their families as well. We will have both fiction and non-fiction shows based on different genres and concepts as well. Besides, we would like to turn the spotlight upon great achievers, successful entrepreneurs, and eminent personalities from various fields, which will inspire youngsters.

Sharing about Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu signed as the brand ambassador, Vigneshkanth continues to add, “Vagai Puyal Vadivelu sir is a man of omnipresence. From tickling our funny bones with his magical performance and being the elixir of meme creators, he has completely invaded the world of entertainment. He has wowed the crowds with his diversified style of humour. As we are nurturing our Blacksheep channel with the same paradigms of various forms of entertainment, we felt that he alone would be the appropriate emblem for our channel.”

Blacksheep Satellite Channel will officially start its operation on November 2022, which will provide audiences with a wholesome package of entertainment. From the interactions with Superstars and technicians from the movie industry to the engrossing shows, the channel will be a one-stop destination for youth and family crowds.

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