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Starring Sathyaraj, Vasanth Ravi, Rajeev Menon, Tanya Hope, Rajeev Pillai, Yashika Anand, Maim Gopi, Kaniha, Gajaraj, Syed Subhan, Bharadwaj Rangan, Veluprabaharan, Vinothini Vaidyanathan, Benito Franklin, Maya Krishnan, Raghu Isaki, Meghna Sumesh. Directed by Gugan Chenniappan. Cinematography by Prabhu Raghav, Music by Ghibran, Editing by Gopi Krishna, Production by Million Studio.
The film is based on the story of Super Human among action films. The story begins at 3 am in the forest area of ​​Theni. Then the story travels to Chennai and Mumbai.

Vasant Ravi is a YouTuber.Environmental activist and also looking for new content for his channel.He believes that there are people in this world who have super powers beyond human power.Rajeev Menon runs a secret group called Black Society.He conducts dangerous biological research.Many people become victims of it. An unusual incident happens in Theni. Vasanth Ravi comes there looking for content for his channel. Rajeev Menon, sensing that there is a superhuman who is a danger to his black society people who are dying, sends his men there.
Vasant Ravi and the men meet at a point. Did they find the man with extraordinary powers they were looking for? No ?What is the connection between Vasant Ravi and that group ?Who is Satyaraj who lives in the forest as a lover of animals in a peaceful environment in Theni? The rest of the story of this 120.07 minute film is to answer many questions.

In the first half of the film, Vasant Ravi, who comes as an ordinary YouTuber as an environmentalist, occupies his place extensively in the second half. If we search in the first half where is the character of Sathyaraj who is introduced as super human through the ads, he shows a surprise face during the break. He starts the game in the second half. On one side he plays with the baby elephant and on the other side he adds strength to the character by beating up the villains.

Tanya Hope, who comes as the heroine, comes and goes as a stand-in. Rajeev Menon portrays the role of a ruthless upper caste villain. Rajeev Pillai, Yashika Anand, Maim Gopi, Kaniha, Gajraj, Syed Subhan, Bharadwaj Rangan, Veluprabahakaran, Vinothini Vaidyanathan, Benito Franklin, Maya Krishnan are many famous faces in the film. They don’t have much space, they are used to fill the screen.

In 1942, a superhuman serum was created to be given to soldiers during the Hitler era. A fantasy of a father who brought it to India and years later paid it to his son who was fighting for his life to survive. On the other hand, awakening of super power through Aura, Kundalini Yoga is a mythical story.

Prabhu Raghav’s cinematography and Gibran’s background music are the strengths of the film.
There are many scenes of forest and darkness. The place where they are shot is sensational.
Overall the weapon feels like it could be sharpened a bit more.
This film can be seen as an attempt to show another dimension of Sathyaraj.

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