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In the remote village of Utravanam, girls die of disease. The angry villagers think that the man who is staying alone with his wife and children is doing the deed and taking the girls, so the angry villagers tie both the husband and wife to a tree and burn them to death. After 12 years, the people of the village believe that the evil power is taking revenge on the people of the village, and a mantra called Ashtatik Bandanam is imposed to prevent anyone from going beyond the village boundary. But a girl crosses the town limits to see her lover. Due to this, the shackles of Ashtatikbandana are broken and the evil power enters the town and starts taking revenge on the people. The climax is about how Surya (Sai ​​Dharam Tej), the popular hero as Virupaksha, saves them when the entire village is in danger of destruction.

Virupaksha is a film in the style of Chandramukhi which was released in Tamil starring superstar Rajinikanth. The director teases the fans even before the title. The horror begins when a bald witch prays over the dead girl’s body and her wife is beaten and tied to a tree by the villagers and burnt.

Sai Dharam, who is coming to the village in a jeep to provide a place for the village school, is shocked when a crow suddenly hits the cart and dies.

While Sai Dharam Tej and Samyukta Romance are relaxing, once again the evil power starts its revenge game in the town and the excitement of what will happen at what time takes over the stage again.At one point, Samyukta starts acting like Chandramukhi and scares him. Samyuktha, who played a quiet role as a teacher in Vaathi, has performed so well that one wonders if this is it. Sai Dharam Tej scores the performance of Samyukta, who is possessed by a demon possessed by a magical power and tries to burn all the people of the village.

Produced by PV S N Prasad, Sukumar. Ajanish Loknath’s music has given life to the entire film. Cinematographer Shamdat Shainuddin keeps the fans gripped till the end.

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