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Samuthirakani works as a public toilet cleaner in this movie, he has one son no wife, he has two friends, one is an auto driver and the other is a sandal maker. . Samuthirakani is a very poor man. He has only one son. His goal in life is to become a pilot. Samudhirakani has no leg and is handicapped and he makes her son study through the income from public welfare. The son is also an excellent student. At one point he gets a scholarship and gets an opportunity to study in Coimbatore. After being taken to the hospital and examined he is told that he has cancer and that the cancer is in the final stage and that the doctor can’t count how long he will be there. Whether he looked around in the plane is the rest of the story.We all know that Samuthirakani is a great actor as a father in many films and we all wonder if we will ever get a father like this. Samuthirakani has done the same in this film. How he prepares the money is so hard work that he plays such scenes so wonderfully and elegantly.

Master Dhruvan, who plays the role of Samuthirakani’s son, impresses us with his excellent performance. He makes us move while speaking the dialogues in many places.

Anusha Bharadwaj Rahul and Rajendran and many others have given excellent performances Samuthirakani as friends a Rahul Daniel both are the biggest strength of the film must be said they come to the people with their amazing performances.Director Sivaprasad Yanalla made his debut in Tamil but many films in Telugu. In this film, the director is coming as one of the best directors in Tamil. Through a wonderful screen story, he has shown the fans the love of a father and son. At the same time, it must be said that he has carved the character of Samuthirakani very beautifully. This director will make it to the list of successful directors to win.

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