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Viduthalai part1

apuri town. Vijay Sethupathi, who has a red mindset, is leading the struggle as this will affect the livelihood. Aggressive protests such as attacks on the police and bomb blasts destabilize the government. A special force has been formed to nab Vijay Sethupathi, who staged serious activities in the name of Makkal Padai, and a manhunt is on. Suri joins this police team as a constable. Even though he is duty-bound, he gets angry with his superiors. So the memo is given and he gets punished. In this case, Gautham Menon will take over as the top officer. The hunt for Vijay Sethupathi continues under his leadership. The film answers whether they were able to catch him. Even though Suri is the hero of the story, Vijay Sethupathi, who comes across as the leader of the people’s army, mutes Suri’s engaging performance. Although Vijay Sethupathi doesn’t have many scenes, in the few scenes that come, he swallows the sun and burps with his realistic performance. Despite that, Suri struggles to maintain herself.

Even though Suri’s love for Bhavanashree is normal, his comedy side sometimes comes out and causes damage.

Bhavanishree as a village girl is like a painting.Gautham Menon and Chetan have lived their roles as police officers.

R. Velraj, the cinematographer, brings everything like the forest and the natural beauty together.
It is the musical threads of Ilayaraja that make all these travel through the ears into the mind as the eyes see.
Kattamalli, Unnodu nadadha, Arudperunj Jyothi and the three songs, the sweet sweetness of honey keeps getting more and more delicious.
It is already said that Vetrimaran will make his mark in such stories. A proven thing but this should not become his trademark and he needs to step into new fields. It is up to him to decide how to shape those paths.There were signs in the first part that the release 2 has a lot more to talk about.

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