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Villagers of two villages in the Upper Vellimalai and Lower Vellimalai areas have become enemies due to a problem. In lower Vellimalai there is a doctor of Bogar lineage. But the villagers refuse to see him for medicine. In this case, an incurable disease spreads to the townspeople. A doctor gives medicine to a person and cures him. All the villagers are getting treatment for it. But what was the doctor’s decision? The climax explains what the result is. Directed by Om Vijay, the film is a film that gives life toCountry medicine, which has been forgotten in the modern age of medicine, and tells that country medicine can cure any kind of disease.

Supergood Subramani plays a doctor who comes from a Bogar lineage. Subramani’s natural performance impresses with his natural acting, when he gets worried that no village people come to buy medicine even though he has medicine, and at one point he is not able to give them enough medicine even though the villagers are ready to buy it and eat it. But he did not know how to lift a stone weighing 300 kg.

Subrahmani’s Sidhar look with Jadamudi in the role of Bogar is perfect. Even in his old age, he has worked hard by walking up and down the hills.Veera Subhash as the hero and Anju Krishna as the heroine. They lived as hill village couples.Veera Subhash also blends in as a young villager who is unknown to the hero, a natural performance.

Rajagopal Ilang Govan has produced this film as a film that tells the glory of the country’s medicine and the glory of Bokar Siddha among the commercial film team.Music composer N. R. RaghunandanThe cinematographer has taken the fans on a tour of the Western Ghats
Maniperumal.When director Om Vijay says that he directed the film on the promise of Pokhar Siddhar’s grace, he seems to be saying that Pokhar’s grace should be available for the film.It would have been a plus if some herbal notes were given as a song, as it is about herbal magnificence.Vellimalai – Country medicine magnificence.

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