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Hip Hop Adhi, who lives in Veeranur, is struck by lightning at a young age and loses his self-memory. Adi is immediately admitted to the hospital. The doctor says that Adhi, who is under the treatment of the doctors, can regain consciousness anytime.
Adi regains consciousness after a few days. Adhi then realizes that he has the power of lightning.Not only that, he learns that he can even control someone else’s brain. Adi’s ill health is sent by his father to his sister’s house in Singapore. Meanwhile, the villain Vinay has spent his Money in trying to implement a very dangerous laser power generation project worth 2000 crores in Veeranur. Adi comes to know that many people will lose their lives due to this project. What did Adi do after this? How did the villain face Vinay? That is the rest of the story of the film..

Like Marvel movies in Hollywood, the director has tried to give a superhero movie in Tamil. But the tragedy is that none of it was taken. The film is a superhero avatar that Adi who becomes a lightning hero after being struck by lightning, like Spider-Man after being bitten by a spider. The only similarity between the Malayalam version of Minnal Murali and the film is lightning. Otherwise it has nothing to do with the film. It would have been better if such fantasy films had some scenes to appeal to children. But even the drug does not have an interesting scenario. Thus the film goes to Theme.In the first half Aadhi is shown the impact and power of the lightning strike. But that’s not enough. Comedy scenes are also not enjoyable. As the hero, Aadhi has done what he has done in his other films as usual. Adira as the heroine is like the girl next door. But he has no use in the story.

Munishkanth and Kali Venkat’s comedy combo is not a workout. Adi has composed the music for Veeran. The songs in the film are not memorable. The background music is approx. Vinay is playing the role of a corporate villain usually seen in Tamil cinema. He has done the work given.

Even though it is a fantasy film, the director forgot to do justice to it in the screenplay. Keeping an interesting story, Sothappi has pushed the screenplay. Lifeless scenes strain the patience of the fan. All in all a hero tester.

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