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Vadakkupatti Ramasamy

Vadhakpatti Ramasamy is again acting as Santhanam comedy hero, this film has become very popular among people even before its release.

The film is directed by Karthik Yogi, starring Santhanam, Megha Akash, Maran, Sesu, Tamil, MS Bhaskar, John Vijay, Ravi Maria and others and directed by Karthik Yogi. Santhanam who says no God gets an opportunity to earn money with that God . Using it properly, he builds a temple on his own land and earns by deceiving the villagers. The people of that town have devotion and faith in the temple and the God in it.

Meanwhile, due to the problem caused by Santhanam’s greed, the government closes and seals the temple. Due to the closure of the temple, many problems will happen in the village, the people of the village are waiting with devotion and hope that Sami will not abandon us. But Santhanam embarks on an attempt to regain control of the temple administration from the government for his earnings. Is it the devotion of the people that won in the end? Or Santhanam’s wisdom? It is ‘Vadakupatti Ramasamy’ that makes you laugh out loud.

Santhanam has played a hero, yet again, playing a character without any of the trappings of a hero, he has once again proved that his first aim is to entertain people. People also enjoy and celebrate his comedy, proving that this is what they expect from Santhanam.
Maran and Sesu’s comic scenes rock the theater to the extent that Santhanam himself is edged out at some places. Maran and Sesu’s looties together are a burst of laughter. What’s more, Sesu’s Bharatanatyam is sure to make even those who don’t know how to laugh laugh as Kubir.
MS Bhaskar, John Vijay, Ravi Maria, Shadows Ravi, Naan God Rajendran, Kool Suresh, It’s Prashanth, Jacqueline, Kalki, all the actors in the film compete and make the fans laugh.

Tamil, who plays the role of Tahsildar, handles his villainy in a civilized and entertaining manner, but proves that he can also make people laugh whenever he gets the chance.
Megha Akash, who plays the heroine, has also played a character without the hallmarks of a heroine. Even if he doesn’t make people laugh, the comedy that surrounds him is the ultimate.
Cinematographer Deepak has showcased the film magnificently. Although the story takes place in the village background, Sheen Roldan, who has set the song with Chennai words, has generously given the music for the commercial story.

The work of cinematographer D.Sivanandeeswaran and art director A.Rajesh is remarkable beyond the comedy film.
Even though the story travels in the controversial field of making money from a temple and talking about faith in God, director Karthik Yogi has handled all the issues with humor so that the viewers forget themselves and laugh from the first scene to the final scene of the film.
Director Karthik Yogi, who keeps scenes of Santhanam, Maran and Sesu’s alliance moving along with the story without imposing scenes for him and the heroine because Santhanam is the hero, keeps some humor even through small roles in the film and uses it to celebrate the fans.
All in all, ‘Vadakupatti Ramasamy makes us laugh out loud.

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