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Vaazhvu Thodangumidam Neethanae

Shakira (Niranjana) parents is arranging a wedding with Irfan (Arshad). Irfan is already in love with Shakira. Irfan is happy to know that he is going to marry her. He secretly brings Shakira to the beach and talks. Then Shakira tells a shocking news says that she is in love [Shruti] Vinoda and wants to marry her. Irfan is shocked to hear this. When Shakira’s father comes to know about this, he scolds his daughter. He attacks Vinoda for putting his daughter in this situation. The villagers also throw stones at both Vinoda and Shakira, saying that this is an act against religion. This is the end. What happens is the climax.

Actress Neelima Music has produced the film as a short flicks OTT platform. The story is set in a marine area. The movie talks about the feeling of love between two lesbians.

In the opening scene, the director shows the house of bride Niranjana and her boyfriend Alrshad as if there is a wedding ceremony going on, after that scene he is going to completely change the direction of both the couple’s lives.

When the strange Vinoda enters the fishing village, she talks to everyone and at one point becomes intimate with Shakira. When both of them decide to get married, the scene weighs 100 kilos and their lip to lip scene is an extra shock.

Both Stuthi and Niranjana have bravely played such a role. It is a relief not to give place to obscenity by saying that it is for the sake of the costume.

Baranidharan and Senthil Kumar’s short flicks released on the OTT platform, the film is Produced by Neelima . Director Jayaraj Palani has emphasized the freedom of love for women.

Darshan Kumar music plays low. Still it would have been stressful if some scenes were depicted in high pitch.

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