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Director Brinda has literally set up a jail set and has done 90 percent of the shooting inside it.Hirudu Haroon debuts as a newcomer hero. Although he is a newcomer, he has acted like an experienced actor in the scenes. He takes risks and crashes in stunt scenes.

Hridu has sung aggressively in the devotional song that comes after the end. Even though Simha has the build up in the character, the chance to act is less. RK Suresh, who plays the jailer, expresses his anger well.
Instead of being a torturing jailer, he saves his name by acting as a stern savage.

Muniskant Kundu has entered the tunnel with his body and acted with difficulty.
Duvin’s Arun, Aravinda has been used as a pickle.

Heroine Anaswara doesn’t have much work to do. He only appears in a few scenes to serve as the lead of the story.
Director Brinda has decided to make it a Hollywood-style story of prisoners escaping by digging a tunnel from Jail and has hired the actors hard. But it is not logical to hide the soil mined inside the jail cell by pouring it into the toilet. If you pour the soil that digs so deep into the toilet, won’t it clog it? Some questions remain unanswered as to how the stones collected and kept there were not seen by the police.
But Brinda has proved that she can direct an action film to sizzle.

Prayesh’s cinematography gives a new touch to the scenes.

Sam Cs has lit up the background music.

Thugs – Rogue action game.

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