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The city is divided into North Chennai, South Chennai and Madhya Chennai and 3 raiders namely Nanjunda, Vamsi and Maran are roaming around. They compete with each other to kill each other and try to become the biggest raider. Among them is Wright (Sundar C), who lives away from rowdyism and says that he has his own job. But the other 3 Rowdys are annoying him in one way or another. The story is about how Wright, who takes up rowdyism again, sketches and lifts the other 3 Rowdys.

Sundar.C’s unique hair style captures his Tenawattu style character. can he beat 6 raiders in 17 seconds because they kidnapped his pet dog? Sundar.C walks and beats throughout the film.Upcoming actress Palak Lalwani throws a youth party for the youngsters. He wears a two-piece suit. But no matter how attractive he is, Sundar C’s character is unwatchable. Even when Sundar C approaches and says his love, he turns away and longs for his old girlfriend.

The 3 Rowdys.who came to roll over as they wished. Thambi Ramaiah has used curry leaves as a bunch.

Gibran music is average.

Cinematographer Krishnasamy maintains the action mood till the end.

Director Durai V.Z. He has stamped his usual action-thriller in this too. Thalayanagaram 2 is an action story, so there is no place for comedy like what is the job of a fly.

Capital 2 is for action lovers.

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