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Siddharth, a Call taxi driver, falls in love with Divyan Shah, who becomes an angel in his eyes. But Divyan Shah did not know this. Divyan Shah is kidnapped by a mob in which Siddharth’s car gets damaged in an accident. The call taxi owner beats Siddharth for damaging the car and asks him to work as a driver for many years without getting paid. Siddharth, who hates life and dares to die, arrogantly argues with the raiders. Suddenly Siddharth gets courage and beats up the raiders. In this case, the kidnapped Divyan Shah is found in Siddharth’s hands. The raiders try to grab Divyan Shah from Siddharth and hand him over to his father and extort crores of money. Meanwhile Siddharth and Divyan fall in love and Tucker explains with action what ultimately happens in this cat and mouse chase.

Tucker has turned out to be a fun and entertaining film with commercial action appeal.

Siddharth is not seen as seen in Action scenes, but in this film he takes some effort and surprises by acting in action scenes.

It is already known that Siddharth will surpass Kamal in the love scene and in the kiss scene, Divyan Shah makes up for his pull. she warms up the youth by showing over abundance of charisma.

Villain Abhimanyu Singh has done more comedy than villainy with Yogi Babu. A bunch of villains pass the time in car chases. Suddenly Muniskanth comes with a bunch of villains and gets stuck. Produced by Sudhan Sundaram and Jayaram. Niwas Ke Prasanna is a type of music that listens to melodies and westerns.Vanchinathan Murugesan’s cinematography is brilliant,

Karthik G Girish has given entertainment with comedy.

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