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Susienthiran’s “Veerapandipuram”releasing soon

Director Susienthiran’s VEERAPANDIPURAM

Director Susienthiran’s Siva Sivaa starring Jai in the lead role is completed and is gearing up for release. During this juncture, the movie title has been changed to ‘VEERAPANDIPURAM’. Sharing this news, director Susienthiran says, “We have already completed Siva Sivaa, which has turned out to be a satisfactory project for all of us in the team. Some of my friends and well-wishers saw the movie after its final mixing. They were impressed with the core content, engrossing narration, good technical works, and stellar performances of actors. Besides, they shared a valuable suggestion that the story is set against rural backdrops, and it is advisable to have an appropriate title that will add more value to the movie. Henceforth, we discussed a lot as a team and have decided on the movie title as ‘VEERAPANDIPURAM’. We will be soon announcing the film’s worldwide theatrical release.”

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