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After studying mechanical engineering and working in a car company, Justin Vijay is interested in learning about the supernatural. He joins the course for that. YouTube reporter Vidya comes to interview him. At first Vidya doesn’t believe what he’s saying and teases him. Justin then goes to exorcise the ghost in the apartment. Vidya also comes there. Justin discovers that the man who died in the accident is a ghost. Ojha Board tries to use the port to call it. After that the ghost comes there. The climax tells what happened next with a sudden twist.

Just like Vidya, who was eager to see it, fans also get bored when Justin Vijay’s attempts to talk to ghosts with Ojha Board end in failure.

Later on hearing the information that Rajender’s soul is roaming in the flat, Justin Vijay goes with the exorcism equipment to drive it away, suddenly Vidya joins him and summons the ghost through the Ojha Board . Rajender’s spirit comes after intense effort and then everything happens in sudden turns. Ending the climax is shocking enough to wonder if this is even going to happen. One has to patiently endure many scenes for that shock.

Robert Master has played the role of Rajender Ghost

After a long time, Kasthuri plays a teacher who conducts occult lessons. His descriptions of the ghost and the soul are intriguing. Our advice is that anyone who listens to him sit alone and try to summon the demon in front of the Ojha Board and don’t get involved in the hassle.

Produced by Henry David IR and Justin Vijay R..Vijay Siddharth’s music is not too scary.

JM Rabri Nath Dark Room scenes are terrifying.

Director S. A. Prabhu explains half the time and moves the scenes, so the interest decreases. A paranormal surprise near the climax makes one wonder if this is even possible.

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