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Aishwarya Rajesh lives with her sick father, mother Deepa and sister Lakshmi Priya who cannot speak. Poor family. Aishwarya Rajesh is working in a jewelery shop. In this case, Aishwarya Rajesh gets a car as the first prize in the gift coupon for buying jewelry. He wants to hold his sister’s wedding with that car. In this situation, Annan Karunakaran makes an issue that I bought the jewelry and I want the car. The matter goes up to the police station. Who bought the jewel in the end? That is the story of this dreamy Sundari.Director Charles has thought of giving the car who owns it as a comedy film. But the truth is that comedy is not a workout anywhere. The first half is a test of patience. Only Aishwarya Rajesh has tried to save the film to some extent. She holds the film alone. Deepa as the mother impresses with a routine performance. But all his scenes remind me of the movie Doctor.Sunil, Karunakaran and Maim Gopi as cops are okay. Lakshmi Priya has done a good job in the speechless role. Songs are disappointing. The climax scene is like a women only movie. If you look at the story, it is the story of a woman who fights bravely for her family. Lack of comedy overall

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