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Single Shankarum SmartPhone Simranum

Siva, who studied engineering, works as a food delivery boy. He works for a monthly salary and gets a cell phone with artificial intelligence. In it, a digital girl named Simran falls in love with Shiva. She makes Shiva a millionaire by winning various games. But Shiva falls in love with another girl. She also gets her love around her back. Seeing this, Simran gets angry and shows many tricks to separate their love. A person who finds a smart phone in the tie tries to destroy the phone. An enraged Simran uses digital weapons to destroy them. The climax answers what happens next with a comedy feast.

Chitty Robot has been made into a small budget smartphone Simran.
The director has told a word stitch as a technical art that is the story of a cell phone with artificial intelligence

First the digital girl does whatever Siva says and then turns against him and ends up in debt with all the money he has.

Comedy hero Siva is used to doing comedy by dancing to his heart’s content, and he does it in his own style in this film and makes it lively.

Siva says to Maa Ka Ba Anand without a hint of sarcasm, “What do you think about the dance?” it seems that he will solve the doubt in dance for Prabhu Deva.

Megha Akash comes as a cell phone sinner. Even though he has to act on the spot, he plays childish and covers.

Anjukurian, who becomes Siva’s girlfriend, does not have much work to do.

Mottai Rajendran comes to the climax and shows his head.Playback singer Mano comes as Siva’s father. A stomach-churning comedy about drooling on the phone, falling in love and converting for love.

If you watch the film without asking any questions about what is the message, what is the logic, what is the magic, you can come away with a good laugh.

Director Shankar and actress Simran have nothing to do with the story.

Lark Studios is produced by K. Kumar.

Leon James music is not so popular

Arthur Wilson’s camera captures the scenes vividly.

New director Vignesh Shah has already directed his short film ‘iPhone Sri Yum Ayanavaram Ravium’. Shankar Smart has directed a movie called Simranum. He escapes from critics by putting in the title “Don’t look at logic”.

Single Shankar and Smart Phone Simran – Watch with Kids..

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