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The effort of “SHORTFLIX” to fine-tune the short film and release it in OTT and lift the directors is commendable. The story begins with the personal story of the two characters connecting at once. One of them is the gangster Arjai and the second one is Aashiq. What happened in their lives is the story of the film.Arjai has emerged as a great gangster since his childhood due to his talent and strength. He is a monster that even the police cannot approach. Arjay’s character name is “Kuruvi Raja”. The Other side Aashiq needs lakhs of money for his Surgery,Suresh Chakravarty, who appears in his dream, says you are going to die anyway. He says set a target of 5 and finish it. Aashiq unexpectedly attacks Arjay without knowing that he is a gangster. After that, what happened in Arjay and Aashiq’s life? What are those 5 targets? is the rest of the story. VJ Aashiq has established himself in acting by playing the lead role.

Shah Ra has made us laugh as usual in a comedy role. in this film, Arjay has shown an elegant performance and made us enjoy. The film’s cinematography is outstanding. Brendan Sushant has depicted the fight scene that takes place in a small room.Director Madhivanan has successfully handled everything like comedy story, budget, dialogues of a few characters, twist in the climax.

SHOOT THE KURUVI== Good Entertainment

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