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Prashant Neel, who directed two parts of KGF, directed Prabhas and Prithviraj in Salaar. The story of the highly anticipated film is that Shruti Haasan comes from abroad to cremate her mother’s ashes. A mob chases after him to kidnap him. Shruti Haasan’s father seeks the help of Mime Gopi, who is in India from a foreign country. Mime Gopi makes Shruti Haasan go to Prabhas and stay safe. Prabhas has sworn to his mother that he will not hit anyone. Once he beats up the gang that came to kidnap Shruti with her mother’s permission. Shruti Haasan asks Prabhas who will save him for the second time. In the flashback, there is a country called Khansar where there is a monarchy and two factions are fighting for power. In between Prabhas and Prithviraj’s friendship. Director Prashant Neel tells the story of Prabhas who will do anything for the sake of his friend Prithviraj’s problem.

Prashant Neel is the biggest boon to Indian cinema and the biggest actors can be seen in the film because of the story. According to it, the star army, especially the main stars of Tamil cinema, is present. The camera, the plot, the scene setting, the music are all so great that every scene gives us a sense of awe. The strength of the film is that Prabhas is very grand scenes and the director has used the scenery accordingly.

Prabhas has no fear that this film will give him a huge success again after Baahubali.
The next strength of the film is Prithiv Raj who has done his character brilliantly. His dream of becoming an action hero has been fulfilled through this film.

Shruti Haasan is not needed for the story. He is in the story to hear the flashback. Prithviraj belongs to Mannar lineage. He comes only during the break. There is confusion whether he is a good guy or a villain. Perhaps the answer to this can be found in the next part. Ishwari Rao, Jagapathi Babu, Shreya Reddy, Garuda Ram John Vijay are good actors as Amma. Ravi Basrur’s music is a major strength of the screenplay. The film’s biggest strength is the lovelorn fight scenes.

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