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It is a screenplay seen many times in Tamil cinema, her husband is murdered, she fights for justice.
This is the one line of the film and he takes revenge on them for not getting justice.

Masked bank robbers beat up an employee. Regina (Sunaina) wanders to the police station seeking justice for her husband who was murdered by robbers. But there was no justice. At one point the inspector scolds her and chases her away. The climax is how an enraged Regina takes the field herself and finds the robbers and takes revenge.

The director of the film, Domin De Selva, has given this film a unique script and directed it briskly.Even though it is a story of revenge for the murder of her husband, instead of setting it as an action field for Vijayashanthi Range, they have scripted how an average woman will do anything if she dares to take revenge.Sunaina suddenly leaves home and goes to Kerala, works in a beach resort and gets close to a girl there, which makes the story take a different direction. Later, when we find out whose wife the woman is, it becomes clear that the story is going well. There is a bit of anger towards the climax, missing the anger that should be splashed on the face of the husband when she realizes who killed him and shoots him with a gun.

Other actors come and go as characters in the film. Bhava Chellathurai is raging here and there. It is not clear who Vivek Prasanna is supporting.

Satish Nair is a successful music composer as well as producer. It is amazing that it is a song of Varieties. The song clings to the lips like a whirlwind. The rowdy song Naranarannu and Dina’s performance are new.

Bavi K Pawan’s cinematography is realistic.

Director Domin de Silva, while the screenplay is fresh, moves the scenes without dynamism which is tiring. Okay for Malayalam, not enough for Tamil fans.

Regina – Action film but less action.

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