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Red Sandal Wood

Vetri, from Vyasarpadi in Chennai, goes to Tirupati in search of his friend. Then the police arrested him thinking he belonged to a gang of Red Sandal smugglers and locked him up in a place. Vettri learns that MS Bhaskar and many others were present at that place, who had come to Tirupati for plantation work due to poverty and got caught up in Red Sandal smuggling. Meanwhile, a high official of the Andhra Police plans to kill Tamils ​​including Vetri. Did Vetri escape from him and find his friend? Or not? They have said that with the background of Red Sandal smuggling.

We have read in the press that Tamils ​​are being killed by the Andhra Police for cutting Red Sandal. But, what is its true background?, are the Tamils ​​really going there to shear Red Sandal?, what is the condition of those who go there? This film tells the story in detail and also tells the historical facts about the sheep.

Vetri, who plays the hero, has been perfecting his performance in each of his films. Accordingly, he has made good progress in both action and acting in this film.

M.S. Bhaskar, who portrays the plight of the farmers in a compelling role, is amazing and eye-catching with her experienced performance.

KGF Ram who plays the villain, Diya Mayurika who plays the heroine, Marimuthu, Ganesh Venkatraman, Illasasu, Kabali Vishwanth, Ravi Venkatraman, Madras Vinod, Vinod Sagar, Charles Vinod have all acted according to their characters.

Cinematographer Suresh Pala has beautifully captured the beauty and danger of the forest and has captured the night scenes beautifully. The songs and background music in Sam CS’s music travel well with the story.

The director tells us the details of what is Red Sandal Wood and why is it such a big business?, from the very beginning, the director lets us travel into the story.

Director Guru Ramanujam has boldly told how innocent Tamils ​​are being victimized by the business and politics behind Red Sandal Wood smuggling and has given it an interesting film.

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