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The film tells the story of Tamils ​​who are paralyzed in Kerala due to political reasons.
G.V., who is attracting attention as a music composer and hero in the Tamil film industry. Studio Green E. Gnanavel Raja has produced Prakash in the lead role in the production of debutant director Nikesh.

Malayalam film sensation Mamita Baiju, Subraniya Siva, Karunas and others are playing important roles. The film is based on a true incident that took place in Kerala’s Palakkad in the 80s. Tamil tea plantation workers living in Munnar area. Toiling in poverty, they somehow enroll their children in Palakkad College. Malayalam students, who study there in majority, torture Tamil students in the name of ragging.

An incident where a Tamil student was killed and an incident where a Tamil student was ill-treated have already taken place.
Against this backdrop, Tamil students are creating an organization of their own. They are also entering the field to stand in the student union elections. Subsequently, the students from the other two organizations of the Congress are again attacking the Tamil students.
The rest of the story is whether the Tamil students got their rights in the end.

GV appears as the revolutionary hero. Prakash. GV Prakash has shown a wonderful performance as the question “What are we slaves to” is always on his face. The heroine, Mamita Baiju. A beautiful performance.
Aditya Bhaskar, Subramania Siva, Karunas.
The verses are thought provoking. “Here there is no problem with the colors of blue flag and red flag. The problem is whose hand it is” – many verses like this.

Cinematography by Arun Krishna is outstanding. Especially Munnar area tea plantations, student hostel views at night.. very special.

GV Prakash, Sidhu Kumar, Afro Music
All the songs including ‘Alagana Sathikari’ and ‘Chakkara Muthe’ are mesmerizing.
Art director Papanadu C. Udayakumar attracts attention as student hostel and propaganda paintings.
Nikesh who has directed the film based on the thought provoking politics is worthy of praise.
All in all, it’s not just a film to watch… it’s a film to be felt.

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