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Director CS Amuthan shows a lot of hate killings in the film. What is that hate killing..?

The journalist who wrote wrongly about his favorite actor, the collector whom someone believed to have acted against his religion – such individuals are murdered because of the hatred of individuals.

You might think that this is the norm in the country. However, Vijay Antony, the hero of the film, journalist Vijay Antony, believes that behind such personal hatred lies the selfishness of someone else. Vijay Antony plays a journalist in this film. He is said to be a ‘Master’ in ‘Investigative Journalism’. The death of his close friend, the above-mentioned journalist, brings him back to the journalism industry after staying in Kolkata due to his own life tragedy. It is only when he investigates the matter that many murders in the country are a direct manifestation of one’s hatred, but he believes that there must be a mastermind behind all of them.

The heroine Nandita Swetha also comes as a journalist, though not paired with the hero. When the hero who creates a bit of excitement in the beginning takes charge in the story, she goes down the charge. Nizhalgal Ravi is the boss of the newspaper ‘Vanaam’ in the film.

Ramya Nambeesan’s small role a poignant one, but Vijay Antony, who has lost his wife, holding his hand and consoling his bereaved husband is also a consolation.

C.S. Amuthan, who is known as a comedy director, has been careful not to turn this serious film into a joke. In the first half of the film, the visuals, scenes and dialogue are faultless and moving with excitement.

While Vijay Antony is investigating who the villain might be, Amuthan solves the puzzle before the break that Who is the villain.

His ‘Guts’ is surprising to the extent that we think what is going to be interesting in the film.

To collect all the things as a villain hi-tech system, steal it and keep it safe in the commissioner’s office with the help of DIG.

But Vijay Antony easily carries it in a small bag as only the ‘hard disk’ in it is enough. Why can’t the villain take it tactfully and keep it hidden when that alone is enough..?

Why is there so much logic in the back half? How..? Why..? We are flooded with questions. The only answer to all that is ‘Commercial cinema is like this.
Only director Amuthan can say that the protagonist leaves without taking revenge after knowing who the villain is and Vijay Antony’s reason for it is innovative.

Cinematographer Gopi Amarnath’s role in what comes out as a neat film is ultimate. Kannan’s music is also perfect.

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