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In Tamil cinema, there are few films with good stories like Athippoo, this week’s Vadakan is released with the title of Vadakan Changed into Rail, but if the most appropriate name for this story is Humanity, we will travel with the name Vadakan. It must be said that it is a story that is necessary for today’s times. It is not in Tamil Nadu. In South India, it is the northerners who are doing most of the basic jobs. The reason is that our people have started working in other countries when they are eligible for studies. Thus, the northerners have started coming here with more salary when they are needed. This Vadakan (Train) film has come out with this as its focus. In this movie completely realistic new faces are acting.Kungumaraj as the hero
heroine – Vairamala, Parvez Mehru, Rameshwaidya, Senthil, Kochadai Shamira, Bindu Vandana
Baby – Baby starring Tanisha Subhash and others, Cinematography by Thanee Easwar, Music by Janani, Directed by Bhaskar Shakti, Rail (North).

The story takes place in a village near Theni. The hero and heroine of a middle-class family live near the same house as a [Vadakkan] Sunil who works in a cotton mill from the north. In this, our hero works as an electrician, the heroine belongs to a well-to-do family, is very nice and loves everyone, and the opposite hero is a drunkard and wanders around town without going to work. A man who comes drunk and beats his wife. At that time, that Sunil comforts him like a younger brother. Our hero doesn’t like this. She shows affection to whoever comes from anywhere. But he says he can’t. Meanwhile, the heroine leaves the house in a fight. At that time Sunil gives a bag. Sunil dies in an accident while preparing to visit his family. They bring his dead body to the hero’s home compound. The police do not understand. The hero is afraid that they have brought the orphaned corpse and put it here. At that time, the heroine is crying. Alas, the person who was going to visit the family cries that today he died as an orphan, then the heroine father says we are there and arranges for the funeral of Sunil .

At that time, the wife, father and mother of that northern family come to the funeral. After the funeral rites were over, the family asked what happened to the five lakhs that Sunil had kept, and only then did heroine remember Sunil given her. But the bag is not where she put it and heroine gets angry and asks him that surely our husband will take it. The rest of the story is what happened to this money, did the hero get lost?

All the actors in the film have acted very well. Even those who say they are new face have acted to the extent that they are not. Especially the two who played hero and heroine are living as characters. Not only them but every character has given life to the story. Kudos to the director for choosing such characters. Director Saravana Sakthi has made us enjoy with an elegant screenplay and at the same time has made us think. He makes us move with a wonderful screenplay without straying from the flow of the story, especially the final scene makes us think in a new angle for that half hour. He has given a whip to those who mock him by saying that he has left the town to survive.

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