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The story of the film is that young girls are being murdered mysteriously in Trichy. Sarathkumar, a special crime branch policeman from Chennai arrives to investigate the case, unable to be found by the local police. Newly recruited DSP Ashok Selvan is also coming. Who is the killer in the end? What is the reason for the murder? Whether they found out is the story.Unlike the usual crime thriller story, the director has made us enjoy scene after scene. Ashok Selvan is proving himself film to film. If it is a crime thriller film, he should be told. A police officer without a mustache and beard is attractive. He has done a great job as a young police officer who is afraid, hesitant and confused. The higher official scores Sarathkumar in the wild as he is also educated with his book knowledge. Sarathkumar has given his experience as a high official. He crawls through the film with a tight face and shows what his experience is. Nikhila Vimal, who comes as an assistant, has a regular role. The screenplay is well written which starts interestingly and goes to who would have committed the serial murders.

The success of the film is that it seems like the film is over at the break, but what is going to be said in the second half. The late Sarathbabu plays an important role in the film. The back story for the criminal was a bit disappointing. Lyrics by Alfred Prakash and Vignesh Raja. Background music by Jacques Bjoy is intimidating. Background music plays an important role in conveying the emotions of the scenes.

The director can be appreciated for giving such a crime thriller film. The film worth going to theaters for this week is War Industry.

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