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Vijay Gurumurthy (Vijay Antony), one of the top 10 richest men in India, is conspired to extort his property by his accomplices and murders Vijay Gurumurthy. In other words, they take his brain and give it to Vijay Antony, a beggar who looks just like him.

Another Vijay Antony as the beggar Satya lost his parents at an early age. He starts begging to satisfy his sister’s hunger. At one point he kills the man who separated his younger sister Rani from him, goes to jail for murder and after 20 years he comes out and wanders in search of his younger sister. It was while he was wandering that the gang of villains kidnapped him and implanted the brain of rich Vijay Antony in him.

But Vijay Antony, who does not listen to the villain gang, refuses to cooperate with them. What is Vijay Antony’s status after that? What is Vijay Antony doing after his brain transplant? What decision does he make? The story is about what happened to the gang of villains.

Although Vijay Antony is a first-time director, he has scored a six by following the classic commercial formula in the screenplay. Acting in dual roles and getting applause. The first half moves better as brain transplant, sisterly affection. In the second half, he used the opportunity he got to tell the poor people what he was doing. Heroine Kavya Thabar is attractive in the beginning but later comes in places and does her job well in the climax. Dev Gill, John Vijay, Mansoor Ali Khan, Yogi Babu have done their job well. Like mother’s affection in the first part, the younger sister’s affection in this one is dazzling. Vijay Antony spoke to the fans who came to watch the film about brain transplant and the need for anti-beggarly in the society. What is Anti Biggley? How will this benefit the people? Vijay Antony has said that through this film. The music by Vijay Antony is great and the background music adds to the vibrancy of the film. That beggar theme is special. Editing is by Vijay Antony. perfect The scenes of the last 20 minutes leave the viewer’s eyes reeling. Beggar 2 is here as a treat for the fans this summer vacation.

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