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Simbu comes as AGR’s server prowess. He is a kingmaker in Tamil Nadu who is doing big business like sand transport engineering college. His supporters can become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.Obeli Krishna is the third person in line to aspire for this position, which often clashes with Santosh Pratap Buk, who is the chief Minister, and Gautham Vasudev Menon, who is the Deputy Chief Minister.In this case, Obeili Krishna, who is in the third position to kidnap Chief Minister Santosh Pratap, is made Chief Minister with the support of AGR Simbu. Gautham Vasudev Menon gets more serious about this. On the other hand, the Central Intelligence Agency wants to prove AGR’s illegal activities with evidence and arrest him, so they send Gautham Karthik, a CoP from that department, as a raider to work or visit AGR.The climax is where Gautham Karthik is watching Simbu on one side and Gautham Vasudev Menon, who is very angry with Simbu, decides to take action against him.

Director Obeli Krishna has set the story of this film in such a way as to take Simbu’s image to the next level.

His live entry comes shortly before the interval even though the cheers of the fans are ear-splitting as he hears the punchline in Simbu’s voice at the beginning of the show, “I don’t expect thank you, I don’t leave who forget me to thank.” The cheers of the fans, who were waiting to see his face till then, shake the hall when he appears on the screen.Simbu feels the shock of directly beheading people who betray their faith and blowing them up with bombs.Simbu, who is sad because his sister Anusithara is not talking to him, at one point hears him wishing him happy birthday and is overjoyed, and at the same speed, he plays to the song “Akkaraiyila Nikakaravana Etuthu Namma Chatham”.

No matter how big the mafia leader is, he shows depth and vibrancy in speech and acting.
In some places even the screen is torn if you walk too fast.

All other characters, including Priya Bhavani, are borderline.

Kannada actor Madhuru Samy has played the role of Singha as Simbu’s bodyguard.

Redin Kingsley tries to make people laugh when he can.

Another strength of the film is music by A. R. Hollywood quality music by Rahman.
“Akkaraiyila Nikakaravana Etutu Namma Chatam” makes the song sing. The melody did not diminish. The background music of the film adds to the grandeur.

Farook Pasha’s cinematography is shot to pan India standards.
Shakti Saravanan is sizzling in the action scenes.

Patu Thala – Simbu’s next step up

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